My Corner of The World

My Corner of The World

Though, I do constantly struggle with the perpetual upkeep of a 70 year old mining house, the little attic makes it all worth while. I had always envisioned a little studio above the world, but never thought I would actually have one someday.

Being that I am a full-time at home mom and a full-time student and a part-time worker, I don’t get a lot of quiet time. Believe me, I jump at every opportunity to spend a little time up there in the sauna. It seems the only thing I can hear up there is the babbling creek my little window overlooks. There’s no roaring A.T.V.s, no toddler meltdowns, no TV blaring, no mufflerless trucks, and no old records pumping out of my husband’s turntables.

Whether it is writing a paper, painting a picture, or making a little music, it’s more than just an attic to me. It’s the place I go get centered. My own little, sweltering hot, corner of the world.


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