Last of The Sunflowers

Last of The Sunflowers

It is with a heavy heart I write this post. But, I can promise it is the last of the sunflowers. Namely because, in my infinite overconfidence, I chopped it down with my weed eater today.

I always think that I’m adjusting to this country life thing fairly gracefully. Then another random moment pops up and I feel smacked back down. Sometimes by mother nature herself.

Today, I do not have mother nature to blame. Today, it was just me and my new enemy, the weed eater. Yes, I thought I was helping the husband out. Yes, I felt like I was earning another notch on the belt of mountain woman. And yes, I was blowing off the steam of a writing assignment calling for 12 appendices. Yes, I had good intentions.

But, you know what they say about intentions.


2 thoughts on “Last of The Sunflowers”

  1. I would never use a weedeater. I hate them. Hubby chopped down all my irises with one. Herein lies the problem–I’m very likely to do that myself and then who would I blame? 🙂 At least you have the photo!

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