Scrabble Creek — The Stream of Sanity

It was also a bit of a dream come true to have a babbling stream running through my front yard. I often refer to it as The Stream of Sanity.

Before moving here, I was a raging insomniac. The simple act of opening my window and listening has cured that problem. On days like today, I call it better than Xanax! You mamas know these days too well, I’m assuming. Days when you’ve cleaned up multiple instances of cat crap, scoured the cupboards for a clean coffee cup, wiped a milk mural off the floor, had juice spit all over your rarely morning showered body, and then heard the words, “Mommy I make jelly picture on window.” Oh, and let’s not forget the words, “Mommy, I did a big pee on pillow.”

Yes, The Stream of Sanity. I will be sitting beside you for the entire length of nap time. I will enjoy your calming effect and maybe conjure up a few, “Ohms.” Until the, apparently, manhood enhancing loud trucks and ATVs come and make me reach for the Skullcap. But, those are tales of cultural difference for another day. For today, “Ohm.”


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