Elephant Ear

By far, the best new thing I have planted this year is the Elephant Ear. I’m surrounded by nothing but green and it was fairly expensive for a bulb. I was a bit unsure about it, but I splurged anyway. I know, I need to live a little.

At first, I planted it on the creek bank near the bridge. I thought it would distract from the awkward placement of the bridge and concrete driveway. To my dismay, it did nothing. Absolutely nothing. For weeks and weeks, I waited but the most I got was a little green cone poking out of the soil.

I waited a few more weeks before my impatience got the best of me. With my trusty garden spade in hand, I dug up some soil around the big bulb. I just wanted to see what was happening in there. Was it growing at all? To my shock and horror, it was rotting! Immediately, I dug it completely out and threw it in the half whiskey barrel. Nothing else wanted to grow there, and I was desperate. This was a last ditch gardening effort.

Within a few days, I noticed an almost crown shaped growth of green around the bulb. A few weeks later, they are almost 4 feet tall and absolutely stunning. I might be surrounded by green, but they stand out. They are so elegant and quiet and strong. The lovely miniature gazing pools are just the added bonus.


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