Up Shrek Creek


I think I forgot to mention it in my Freckles post, but when I first moved here one of the first things I started taking pictures of was all of the hand scribed signs. Maybe I was just too distracted elsewhere, but West Virginia seems to have an over abundance of handmade advertisements. I happen to love them. Hand written signs like Barb’s Haircut and Notary, spray painted signs like Stay Off My Proprtee Hanson, and stenciled signs like Dr. Hue’s Internal Medicine just make me giddy. In a similar fashion, I have now developed a thing for the random objects I find when I do find the nerve to venture into nature. Today, it was Shrek. Poor Shrek floating all alone down the creek stopping only to take a brief rest on a drying rock. In the past,  other slices of random have included: a wall of toilets, a drinking fountain, and a refrigerator in the middle of a babbling brook. I’m certain there will be more.


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