Bachelor Buttons


I really have enjoyed my first year planting bachelor buttons, but it has been a true gardening lesson. I’m  not sure why, but I thought they were more the size of marigolds. I didn’t quite expect the wild quality they produced. They were not at all the short, squatty flowers I imagined. Instead, they were tall and skinny like poppies. I would love to have them again, but maybe not in the flower beds. Though, I’m sure I’m not going to be able to stop them from growing wherever they like next year. There is no way I can combat the sheer number of seeds a few plants produced and self-disbursed while I was inside catching up on dreadful summer courses. I cleaned the last ones out of the flower beds earlier this week and scattered the seed pods along the creek bank. I would be thrilled if they, or any flower please, would grow there.


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