Magical Mutant Tomato Plant

I have a magical, mutant tomato plant. It appeared, possibly through critter transmission, this spring and I thought it would be a lovely addition to my flower bed. It was growing beautifully up the garden stakes. Then, the mother of all storms I’ll probably talk about until I croak, the derecho, ripped through and flattened it to the ground. The trunks were already so hearty, I didn’t want to risk breaking them by restaking them. I didn’t think it would that big of a deal to let them grow wild all over the pavement. Little did I know, the immaculately concept-ed , normal sized tomato plant was about to have a growth spurt. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but from end to end it is almost 10 feet tall. Taken a few weeks ago, we have now resorted to using the other path to the house because it has taken over my steps. Let it be known that I am not complaining, my freezer is full of enough yummy marinara to get me through the winter. I just can’t believe it!



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