Earplugs In My Own Home

Look, I’m not trying to be a bitch. I have sat here all summer listening to the sounds of 4-wheelers, or ATVs as I called them before moving here, not saying a word other than the occasional moan on Facebook. I have tried to chalk it up to cultural differences. I have tried to be patient with the youngsters because it could be my son someday. I have tried to keep my mouth shut and mind my own business.

But, here’s the thing. How can I mind my own business if I cannot hear myself think? It seems grossly rude to me that I am forced to listen to the sound of your chosen recreation while you don’t give you neighbors a second thought. Today is different though. I was hoping for a peaceful working birthday only to listen to six straight hours of one roar or another. And, now I’m just flat out pissed off.

Like any mother of a toddler, I value nap time more than the money in my bank account. I, especially, value that hour or so I get every day to complete my school work or to simply unwind. Sometimes, when it’s quiet, I actually get a chance to work on my music. Without fail, my quiet time is interrupted by the roar of some gas guzzling machine. It is beyond me how the boy manages to sleep through it. If I take a nap or dive into a paper, I often have to wear earplugs. I know that you do not know my child is sleeping or that I’m trying to work or to record. I have, patiently, reminded myself of this fact before I pop in my earplugs. I have also repeatedly reminded myself that I have the hearing of the superhuman kind.

For a brief moment before I moved my office into a space with new windows, I even entertained purchasing newer windows for the front of the house. New windows made no difference. I have daydreamed of gutting the house and moving our living space. I have stood in the hardware store contemplating the For Sale signs.

I understand, I do. My musical hobby is quite loud. I love being noisy and having fun. Who doesn’t? However, this is part of my angst. I suppose I have something called conscientiousness. I never turn up my amp loud enough for my next door neighbors to hear it. I do not come to your house, plug in, and fill up your walls with noise for hours at a time. Trust me, I’ve thought about it. You have an entire state full of mountains at your disposal, yet you feel the need to drive up and down the short stretch of paved road in front of houses within the town limits. If I had a studio at my disposal, I certainly wouldn’t be out in my nasty garage making music.

I have been nice long enough. I will not sell my house, remodel my house, or continue to wear earplugs in my own home. Being that we have no noise ordinances in effect here, police officers have enough to do, and West Virginia has no nuisance laws regarding ATVs, I will also not call the police. What I am going to do is start confronting you.

Just so you know, at that point, I probably will be being a bitch.


2 thoughts on “Earplugs In My Own Home”

    1. LMAO. I suppose they are not. Haha. Just resting on that old psychological trick that if I write it out, it may not bother me for a while. Then again, by that logic, I could sit here writing all day…:)

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