Lesson #1 — Use the Tripod

I have been on a quest lately to get to know the programs on my Mac better. I have only been a Mac person for a few months. While I am absolutely in love with it and will never return to PC, I have realized that technology is changing faster than I can keep up. For instance, I recently purchased some CDs at a show only to come home and realize that my tiny wonder of a machine doesn’t have a disc drive.

When I was given this collage assignment in my art class, I thought it would be a great way to tackle iMovie Lesson #1; The Slideshow. I was ever so proud of myself for figuring out transitions, writing and adding my own music, and ridding Ken Burns from my project. The tutorial was easy to follow and I felt like this old dog had learned a new trick.

However, in my excitement to learn something new I completely forgot the very basic rule of just about any project I have been attempting. Use the tripod! Sheesh. Why can I not get that through my head? I have a tripod. I simply have never used it. After every single thing I attempt, it is always the roaring thought I am left with. Use the tripod! Maybe I need to have it tattooed on my arm. Nah, I would probably forget then, too.


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