During last semester’s art class, I was feeling so city sick all I painted were tall buildings and cityscapes. It’s not that I do not enjoy living where I do. The natural beauty here supersedes the beauty I have witnessed any where else in the world. I never tire of it. However, living in a town of 614 people has been a brand new adventure for me. When I was a more musically active person, I often used to say that I would rather play to trees. After all, they seemed to sway as if they were paying more attention than half of the audiences I attempted to entertain. I was missing the company of different and diverse people feeling as though I was stuck on the same day on repeat. I was craving concrete. Funnily enough, for the art class’ final project, I began painting a tree. Since then, I haven’t stopped painting trees.  Last night, I was working on yet another twisted walnut tree when I decided to look at the trees of others and I found some amazing stuff. Some of them were so great, as diverse as the painters, I had to create a treasury. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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