I was so excited by finding my Free Baptism sign that I completely forgot about taking this picture on Saturday. Initially, I pulled off the road to take a picture of this little, dilapidated house. This sort of thing, this rural abandon, fascinates me. I enjoy the whole urban abandon thing as well, but there is something about the decaying structures, the abundant Appalachian supply of them, that really strikes a chord with me.

I try not to think about it too much. It makes me sad, so I try not to think about the fact that this was once someone’s home. That it was full of laughter, sadness, growth, and hope. I try not to see these houses as the unseen side of big coal’s pillaging, plundering, and leaving. That would be interjecting my own politics into a simple amateur photo. It could simply be a case of someone building a new home and letting the old one go. It could be an elderly man who could no longer keep up with home maintenance living alone perched up on his rock like I imagine in my head. It could have just been a shack, a feed shed, or a fancy chicken coop.

I guess I’ll never know the real truth. I’ll just call this one a home because the building material, if you look very closely, says so.




6 thoughts on “home”

    1. Really? Oh, wow! Thanks for letting me know. This is the first time I’ve ever learned about a place that intrigued me. You’ll have to go for a drive with me sometime and let me ask you questions…LOL!

  1. Hi! Do you know where the “house of a rock” is? II’ve seen it on two seperate occasions (2010 and 2011) when we were lost (trying to get to a family reunion at Walnut Grove Church.) Is it on Dundon-Widen Road? Now we know, if we see the “house on a rock,” we’re not going in the right direction. Both times we stopped to ask directions and considently stopped at the same house both times. Everyone thought it was so funny. We’d like to stop on purpose this year and say hello. I just don’t know where we were. Thanks!

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