Travellers Field and The Walnut Tree


The old Travellers Field sits just across from my home. I am not originally from the area so I am only left to imagine the stadium full, the game being played, the lights on, the concession stand workers raising money for the team, and all the locals gathered in one place. I can only imagine the sense of community that was lost here in my new home town when the field was shut down some number of years ago. For someone who loves to take pictures and can’t resist a bit of abandon, it is a dream to have so close.

However, I always worry that people will mistake my photos of the field as some sort of negative reflection. I know it was a place close to the hearts of many. Despite my occasional gripes about West Virginia, I hope this blog mostly showcases what I find good, beautiful, different, and interesting about living here. I certainly  hope to never portray the typical stereotypes people seem to have about West Virginia because people here are just like everyone else. Though the field no longer serves its intended purpose, for me it is still a place of fascination and wonder. I appreciate it for what it was and I am still enjoying its existence.


2 thoughts on “Travellers Field and The Walnut Tree”

  1. I live as close to WV as you can and still be in PA. I know how sad it is to see once vibrant community places or buildings be abandoned. We need to take them back. How cool it would be for kids to play there. Soccer, baseball, whatever … I just read about a church in a bad neighborhood in Pbgh buying a locally abandoned bar and turning into a gelato/coffee shop. We can do it. We are still communities with people and the more we connect with our past, the better it is! Sorry for the rant –your post struck a chord…

  2. I enjoyed your rant! Over the summer, there were many more people out using the field for various practices and it was nice to see. I agree that nothing is lost until we simply give up. Appalachians are tough and not so much the giving up type. I hope to see this whole town come alive again.

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