Stuffing Cookies in My Mouth

I have been intentionally silent over the past few days. I have been quiet because I feel like I have nothing good to say. This week’s power outage left me bubbling with outrage and doubt for my future in the state I once dreamed of owning a little country house. I felt it best not to open my mouth. However, that is not my strong suit. I have never been the sit and be quiet sort of girl. In fact, my mouth is prone to flying open at a surprising rate of speed when I feel like something is unjust.

While I am bursting to tell you the story of living in West Virginia without power for 18 days over the past three years, what it’s like to be a citified farm girl in a mining town, and I want to tell you what it’s like living in the shadow of an old mountaintop removal mine while watching yet another piece of my landscape being prepared for destruction, I’m going to save that for another time. Right now, the Northeastern U.S. needs our attention and our support.

For now, I’m just going to stick one of these made by candlelight, white chocolate, craisin, pretzel, oatmeal no bake outage cookies in my mouth and send love to those of you up north. Hoping that you are all safe.


3 thoughts on “Stuffing Cookies in My Mouth”

  1. Well I’ll be glad to hear your thoughts about all that in future posts! Those don’t look like no bakes to me — they look pretty darn good! Sooo…
    I love your blog. I nominated you for a Blog on Fire award. Feel free to accept or not — it took me a month to get my acceptance post done, so I understand ambivalence… No pressure.

      1. If you accept, you link to me and then list 8 interesting items about you, or your pet. Then end with linking to 8 other blogs. I’m sort of ambivalent about the whole thing, and I certainly won’t feel bad if you don’t want to mess with it. It took me more than a month to decide if and how I was going to do it. So no worries…

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