I Didn’t Even Notice

With my curiosity fully peaked after hearing the explosions, this weekend saw me asking everyone I encountered, “What are they doing to that mountain?” I had been avoiding asking that question since the summer when I noticed the activity. I suppose that part of me wanted to pretend that my worst fears were not a possibility.

Again, I must stress that I do not know for sure what they are doing to this mountain. It simply frightens me to think of it being leveled and being left a round, treeless astroturf covered hill. Where I live, it is a distinct possibility. I could just be the city girl freaking out about all the atrocious things I know it could possibly be. I could just be a treehugger who hates seeing a perfectly good view destroyed. It could be the home of a cell phone tower three years in the building or a tourist lookout tower like the rumors I’ve heard.

I decided that it was time to find out. It was time to face the facts and to get to know what demon I am wrestling. I braced myself and I started asking everyone I encountered in Family Dollar and the local hub, Go-Mart. I prepared myself to react cordially and respectfully to any response I obtained.

If my questions were fireworks, the answers would have been the sizzling sound of a dud. I asked 9 people the same question and no one, not one soul, knew what they were “doing to the mountain.” One person said, “Oh, I didn’t even notice.”

As with part of my persistent frustration living here, the answers, rather not answers, were more disturbing than the answers I was expecting. While I expected to fall to sleep tonight with a concrete answer, I am now going to bed with bigger questions than ever running through my mind.

Is this a case of culture shock and it is normal to people here and I’m just overreacting to a common practice? The buildings in the picture comprise the beginning of a town below the mountain. Do people living below that not have the right to be informed about what is going on over their heads? Does no one care?

Whatever the case may be, I am not used to it and it is one of the most unsightly things I have ever seen unfolding before my eyes. It is far from normal to me to see such a pristine piece of nature altered in such a way. The optimist in me is still holding out for the cell phone tower or the tourist stop, but the realist in me knows enough to remain unsurprised when I do finally know.



One thought on “I Didn’t Even Notice”

  1. Drive over. Look at the doors of the trucks. Or are they plain white trucks? Always suspicious… Play the dumb girl and ask a friendly looking guy what they’re doing…
    Of course, this sounds brave and courageous, but I don’t know if I’d do it either. I might drive over and look though…

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