You Are Boring

Smokey Gray

It’s not like I need another hobby. I have far too many hobbies.

I blame this on my Grandma. When I was young, she laid a line on me that has haunted me my entire life. “If you say you are bored, you are boring.”

Since that day, I have never been the sort to sit still. In fact, I’m the type that has a hard time sitting through a movie without doing some sort of busywork with my hands.

Like any young girl, I thought my Grandma could do anything. Her quilts, her cookies, the clothes she used to make, the jars she used to can, the people she used to care for expecting nothing in return. Even with an amputated leg and failing diabetic eyesight, the woman still managed to, mostly, care for herself. It is many years after her passing, but she is still my hero.

What always grounded the mysticism she held in my eyes is that the one thing she could not do was teach me to crochet. For whatever reason, as a child, I found it frustrating and intimidating. As an adult, it was still my perception and I marveled in the crocheted creations of others.

About a month ago, I found myself buying yarn. I thought I would like to try to make a scarf, but I was sure it would end up dipped in plaster and slapped onto a canvas or some other ridiculous equivalent headed for the garbage bin. Nonetheless, here we are a 10 scarves, 6 dishtowels, and 4 hats later.

Thanks, Grandma. I will never be boring again.

**sorry about the crazy eyes…this head cold has made it nearly impossible to keep them open.


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