Left Behind






I have always said that West Virginia is the most beautiful place on earth during the summer and gets the most hideous award in the winter. Mostly, because without the green cover you see the black death operations and a sea of what should have been recycled. My camera usually remains dormant during the cold months. Thankfully, being able to plant some early spring veggies today brought out my inner shutterbug.

I had intended, once again, to find the pretty. The awe inspiring. The best of West Virginia. It’s like a bad habit that I always try to make it look good. I’m forever romantic about these hills, but I must be honest. I have become so consumed by the environmental and political issues surrounding this state, that it has forced me to take off my rose-colored glasses and to see where I live for what it really is.

A coal company owns the rotting and abandoned field across the road from my home. The town leases it for $1 per year and tries their hardest to maintain it, but a town of 642 people only has so many workers to handle 100% of the town’s maintenance needs. Recently, a prison work crew did a wonderful job cutting back the invasive ivies and kudzus that had grown over the bleachers and rattlesnake ridden hillsides. It allowed me, after years of living here, to take a closer look at what’s been left behind.


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