Happy Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket


I cannot be all doom and gloom all the time. I am the sort of person who must monitor my energy or become consumed by the grim. Though I do promise to separate my blogs about wacky, crafty things from the more serious environmental words soon, for now you get both sides of me.

Or is it one side of me? I have come to find crocheting to be a very meditative activity. A simple and relaxing escape. I have been consumed by gender based sociology and environmental biology this semester. Add those two together. Then, add in my private interest in documenting the horror of Appalachian mountaintop removal. Mix in tax season madness at work, not feeling well, and desperately trying to keep up with a three year old boy. Yes, the word is grim. My mood has been grim.

Thankfully, a friend asked me to make a blanket for her summer arrival. In a time that has left me feeling slightly down, the simple act of making a baby blanket brought me immense happiness. Instead of researching statistics concerning ill health, I stitched warmth for a new life.  I spent time reflecting on my own son’s life and thinking of the joy my friend will feel as a new parent. I took simple joy in watching the hopeful colors weave together. And I thought about the future.

Maybe that sounds silly. It was just what I needed.


One thought on “Happy Baby Blanket”

  1. No, it doesn’t sound silly. You needed that focus on joy. We can get all consumed by the grimness of every day life if we allow ourselves. I have purposefully chosen to concentrate on my blessings, and it has really helped my outlook this winter, (of late…)
    And it’s a beautiful blanket! Your friend and her baby will love it!

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